Sasquatch Mountain

It's a dangerous thing neglecting your netflix queue in search of something random or unplanned. I don't know what my goal was in searching the aisles of Blockbuster but I knew I was looking for something tyrannical.

As I pass among the DVDs one specific cover caught my brain like a bad 80's flashback sequence. The red cover with a Sasquatch silhouetted against the skyline began softly calling my name. After picking up the box and reading the back my decision was sealed as I saw Lance Hernrikson's name.

A group of vicious back robbers and a beautiful hostage retreat into the Arizona mountains after their get away goes sour. Local police are on their trail but everyone quickly learns that something strange is happening in these forbidden forests. That's right, Bigfoot is picking them off one by one.

The movie was absolutely horrible. The creature was pathetic, the camera over exposed, the audio horrible. The diolog didn't even match the actor's lips. It was as if the director fired the sound guy reporting to the crew, "no worries, sound is over rated anyway".

The story if there was a story was helplessly thrashing amidst every other aspect of this god awful movie.

Lance Henrikson might have been the only halfway redeeming quality. He had a couple moments of good acting...somewhere...?...there had to have been. To give you an idea of the kind of actors traipsing around...the lead girl was the Yellow Power Ranger. Hmmmmmm.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Reviewed by: shea
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Paul said...
Interesting you would select this over other hidden gems such as "Vampiyaz" or "Rabbid Grannies" is not like Crossroads. The selection for bad movies is thin. You how know how Blockbust is. Classy joint with only the finest of cinema.
Andy said...
I have a new answer to the question "what's the worst movie you've ever seen?"