In my younger years First Blood was one of my favorite movies. The movie has substance, style, and story. John Rambo returns from Vietnam only to be bullied by some small town local cops. When push comes to shove Rambo is forced to survive after first blood is drawn.

First Blood although vicious and extremely violent has some level of sanity and moral conviction. Only two people die in the entire movie and both by accident.

After Stallone's success with the return of Rocky people have begun to turn there heads once again to the aging icon. Sylvester ties on the head band, sharpens his knife, feathers his arrows, and returns for one final blood bath. And let me be the first to tell you, this movie is a blood bath. I haven't seen gun violence like this since Saving Private Ryan. It's like people just POP!

Rambo now lives deep within jungles south of the war zone Burma. To earn his living Rambo catches snakes for local entertainment. When a group of missionaries hire Rambo to take them up river Stallone reluctantly goes at the pleas of a beautiful young woman trying to save the world. After leaving Stallone it's to no surprise that the missionaries are kidnapped by the local military. Now Rambo is hired by the Pastor to guide a group of mercenaries into the heart of hell to save his lost flock.

The movie is ridiculous. As mentioned before I've never seen people take bullets like this. Where as in Saving Private Ryan you flinch and cry... in the theater of Rambo you cheer and smile. It's an odd thing to experience.

There is no doubt that Stallone has created one of the better action movies of the last couple years. The fight choreography was intense, exciting, and well done. The gore and blood play rivals any gushing horror movie. Decapitation, split in half, disembowelment, fed to pigs, amputation, arrow to the face, popped, splattered, exploded...you name it, it happened.

Notice I've not been critiquing or praising acting, story, or dialog. That's because these elements are buried deep within a river of blood. Just a vehicle to take us into war.

One element I enjoyed but was surprised to experience was the mercenaries. I expected it to be a one man war...Rambo verses the world. Once these characters were introduced things in the story got a little more interesting. These men were interesting and I enjoyed watching them interact with loner John Rambo.

I don't now how to rate my final conclusion of the movie. A primal part of me enjoyed the action and another part of me is done with this kind of senseless violence. As far as a "film" goes Rambo provides impressive action. As far a "entertainment" goes I might try to protect my eyes from so much ravenous violence. It begins to eat at the soul.
Reviewed by: shea
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Paul Wilson (http://speedtv.com) said...
Shea, I knew Rambo would SUCK! Rosco and Emma say whats up. Paul