There Will Be Blood
So, ladies and gentlemen... if I say Daniel Day Lewis is an oil man you will agree. Every where he travels is a potential ocean of oil only that only he will reach. With an intense competition and furious passion Daniel Plainview stops at nothing to get what he wants. No man or thing will stand in his way.

The opening scene sets the pace for the rest of the movie with a steady rhythm of a pounding pick axe. Daniel is in the bottom of a well hammering hammering with the determination of a rhino. In this first thirty minutes of the movie we see everything that is Daniel Planview. A man driven by nothing but to be the best. He has a demon in him, a competition to see that no other man succeeds.

Like the story the cinematography is slow and patient. Even in the intense fight scenes the camera doesn't cut to create excitement. It just holds the frame showing the true awkwardness of human struggle.

Paul Anderson directs the film beautifully, telling a uniquely cinematic tale. You definitely experience the directors style and emotions which should be a plus for fans of Boogey Nights or Magnolia. Anderson's camera is always moving always revealing. His characters are bold bitter outcasts needing a crutch or community but ultimately pushing it away. Blood is no different as Daniel Plainview tries to balance his love, his passions, and his needs. We see the true story arch of this character. From where his character truly begins and ends with the final line of the movie, "I'm finished".

What makes There Will Be Blood above the rest is Daniel Day Lewis. Without him the movie would have been good but never what it's becoming. This was a great movie and come Oscar season I assure you, whatever the others promise to do, when it comes to the showdown, they won't be there... Daniel Day Lewis will take the gold.
Reviewed by: shea
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* (asterisk) ( said...
Just reading this one now, after doing my own, and there are some definite similarities in our view here. Great movie.
I really liked this. It was nothing like what I was expecting. It was like No Country meets Tony Montanna. The last scene had HUGE Scarface undertones.

I likey.
Nick said...
So I recently saw some comments elsewhere about this film in which the person didn't like the film whatsoever and thought it was a waste of time. The only positive thing about it was the acting. The music was a distraction more than an enhancement, there was no real plot, and the characters were pretty much 'blah'.

I commented saying that I agreed with some of what he said, and that what made the film great for me was the dynamic between Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano, as I found I mostly disliked scenes Dano wasn't in, and loved scenes he was.

So that brings me to the question... is TWBB really an amazing film, or is it mostly elitist crap only special for visuals and acting ability?
Adam said...
I think it's a masterpiece - but that doesn't mean it's thoroughly entertaining. As far as being concise and tight, the edge goes to No Country for me - but there's no question that Day-Lewis is amazing in this role.

I didn't like it. I will agree that the acting was stellar but the story just didn't have anything for me.