Requiem for a Dream
Tonight I watched Requiem For A Dream by Darron Aronofsky, director of Pi as well as The Fountain. This was my first time viewing the film, which was absolutely mind blowing and also incredibly heartbreaking at the same time.

The film is about the hopes and dreams of four ambitious people who are all connected. Their ambitions are shattered when their drug-related addictions begin spiraling out of control.

The cinematography is out of control - stylized and justifiably so. By using a combination of slow motion and sped-up shots, Aronofsky takes us into the surreal, almost hypnotic realm of an addict.

The acting is also brilliant - Marlon Wayans completely surprised me, while Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly deliver solid performances that made me forget about their real-life counterparts. Ellen Burstyn as Harry's mother was also just, awe-inspiring and truly disturbing.

I was completely moved and left out of breath and slightly depressed. There might not be anything worse than the disappearance of hope in someone. When people give up - when they fall by means of unfortunate circumstances and never seem to be able to pick themselves back up - it's painful.
Reviewed by: adam