Last Man On Earth, The
Tonight's film with the 1964 Vincent Price classic, The Last Man on Earth. The film is based off Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend, which is said to have inspired George A. Romero to come up with the classic "zombie" from Night of the Living Dead.

This is a great film to watch alone. Horror veteran Vincent Price plays Dr. Robert Morgan, a desperate and lonely man who's left alone in an apocalyptic world - a world under the dominion of zombie-like vampires, spawned out of a widespread plague.

Price does a remarkable job interacting with practically nothing. He's alone throughout the majority of the film. His performance largely carries this low budget flick. When you watch the movie alone, you really feel where his character is coming from and a sense of hopelessness is established.

There's just this great sense of despair and hopelessness created out of Price's inner-monologue - he's lost everything, and anytime there's a remote chance of a hope, the door is quickly shut in his face. The Last Man on Earth is a thought-provoking, creepy classic worthy of your attention.

My only gripes: At a running time of only 86 minutes, it can't duplicate the novel page for page, but the least they could have done was keep the names the same. In the novel Price's character is Robert Neville - why change it to Morgan? It seems they do that with a lot of film adaptations of novels - just shuffle the names around for the hell of it.
Reviewed by: adam