Pride of Baghdad
Everyone has that favorite store and mine just so happens to be HEROES AREN'T HARD TO FIND. Its the local comic shop and home of the annual Heroes convention. I love those four walls and fortunately/unfortunately it's right around the corner from my house. Many long hours and paychecks have been thrown through the doors of this store.

This past weekend I rolled up and immediately made eye contact with my boy Rusty. In every favorite store scenario you always make a friend, a contact to your little four walled world. Rusty is mine.

We approach and start talking movies and holidays before dropping into the real business of comics. I give him a scenario.

"Rusty I need something amazing. I need you to imagine that I've never read a comic in my life and you want to hook me in on the art forever. What do you put in my hands?"
Without hesitation he grabs three comics. The other two you will be reading about in the next couple of days BUT first...PRIDE OF BAGHDAD.

try The Lion King meets Blackhawk Down is really the only way I can describe this film. It's a brutal and bloody tale so don't be fooled by the Simba and Nala reference.
Four lions live in the Baghdad Zoo dreaming of the day they can escape back to their homelands. They conspire with the monkeys through the rats and con the gazelles. The only way they will escape their prison is if the animals of the zoo unite. But honestly, what gazelle would trust a lion?

The lions begin to notice changes in their environment. The Keepers begin acting strangely throwing in whole donkeys instead of little rabbits for dinner.
The birds begin squawking absurd heralds as they pass over the cages.

Then it happens. The screaming metal birds of man descend upon the city bombing everything in site. The zoo is hit destroying the lion pens releasing them to their coveted "freedom". Now we follow the band of hungry lions through a war torn city as they look for any signs of home or food. The comic has been inspired by true events which adds a whole new layer of reality and emotion. Pride has been written not through the perspective of the soldiers that witness the true events but from the lions and the mind of the artists who imagined it.

Every page is beautifully illustrated and perfectly planned. The story is so unique and different that you can't put it down. A war though the perspective of lions...brilliant. They search and scavenge for food, hunting when it's available. They encounter tanks, bombs, soldiers, and lastly bullets. The story will rip your heart out. Karen I recommend this one specifically for you. Fables and then we can move on from there. Andy, I will let you borrow mine. Kim, move to a big city. Red and the A-man, we can work something out. Josh, try amazon. Adams, big face huggers that know what there saying.
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WaywardJam (http://Reel Whore) said...
I have been meaning to read this for a long while now. I will have to add it to my shopping list for next week's pickup. You know Shea, we've probably shared airspace before. HeroesCon has become an annualevent for my wife and I. Plus we go to visit her family in Charlay about every six weeks or so. Bet we stood side-by-side at the shop or the Con at one point or another! BTW, Love the site! Going to have to do some more exploring when I get a chance.
Josh said...
When I get some fundage together, I'm definitely getting my grubby hands on a copy of this bad boy. Thanks for the heads up broseph!
Kim said...
wow- the artwork looks amazing!
Have you read Persepolis yet? It's not as beautifully drawn as Baghdad, but it's still a really interesting read.
Shea said...
yeah...i know Persopolis and have seen it. It looks cool. I have seen the trailer to. I will get to it eventually but I will probably see the movie first.
I have some sweet little buttons like you love kim from that comic. Their cool.
Martha said...
wow... this sounds amazing!!

fables is on my "soon to do" list. i'm almost done with dracula (one of my new all-time favorite books, by the way), and fables is next.

we'll see how it goes, and you may have just set me up for my next venture into the comic world. wow... who knew I'D ever be considering this world as one i could love? hahhaa...
Sir Jorge said...
definitely worth checking out...i'll put it on the "to check out"'s huge
Nick said...
Forgive my lack of lingo... So is this like... a one-issue type deal, like a graphic novel? Or is it a series of comics?

And from your description of the story, it sounds more like Madagascar meets Black Hawk Down :P .
Shea said...
This was a one issue smack down.

Madagascar is a fair judgement.