Inconvieniant Truth
Yes, I am liberal. Yes, my family is from Southwest Virginia and we vote Democrat. I know it comes as a shock to you, but as I've come to find out from most of the people around me, I do not seem like I belong in the area I've been raised in. Actually, my family does not share in any of the conservative, closed-minded, racist values that those around us do. I don't mean to generalize, as there are others obviously who enjoy a leftish alignment, but I am often the sore thumb that sticks out in political conversation.

With this being said, I would like to say that I am personally a fan of Al Gore. I read his book, Earth in the Balance, (which I highly recommend) for a literature class my freshman year of college and, being a supporter already of Clinton and ecological goals, I found it intriguing and startling at the same time.

This puts us up to current events, where I missed a chance at seeing his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, at the Lyric in Blacksburg (home to smaller, more independent films). Luckily, my connections through MovieWeb paid off and the DVD was sent to me to review. This is great because I was going to buy it anyway, so I saved $15 and get to review a worthy film.

Simply put, every person on this planet owes it to themselves to see this documentary. The film plays as a straightforward university lecture given by former Vice President and one-time Presidential candidate Al Gore. Using a state-of-the-art slide show involving computerized charts, photos, archival footage and cartoons, Gore informs us with the same lecture he has been giving to classes for the past several years.

It comes off as inspired, passionate sincerity. Gore talks down-to-earth and makes his way through jargon and scientific rhetoric with ease, simplifying and explaining global warming and our urgent need for action. It is completely engaging and stimulating. Never has the destruction of our way of life seemed so appealing and beautiful than from this film by Davis Guggenheim.

Listen, I want you to see this movie. I will gladly let you borrow it. I will sit down and watch it with you. I will eat dinner with you and play Monopoly or Pop-O-Matic Trouble with your awkward relatives. I will literally do anything in order to have you sit down and give your attention to this film.
Reviewed by: adam