Bubba Ho-tep
All Hail The King!
Elvis Presley and JFK team up to fight the undead

"Look, man, do I look like an icky-ologist to you? Big damn bugs, all right? The size of my fist. The size of a peanut butter and banana sandwich." - Elvis Presley

Based on the Bram Stoker Award nominee short story by cult author Joe R. Lansdale, "Bubba Ho-tep" tells the "true" story of what really happened to Elvis Presley.

This cult shelf classic picks up with Elvis (that hunka-hunka burnin' love Bruce Campbell) as an elderly resident in an East Texas rest home, who has switched identities with famed Elvis impersonator Sebastian Haff years before his "death."

Ya see, while Haff popped pills and died on a toilet, the real Elvis was alive and well recuperating from a hip replacement in his bed at the retirement home. Now at the age of 70, Elvis is tired of living a lie and desperately wants to get back in touch with his family.

He finds friendship and understanding in Jack (Ossie Davis), a black man who believes he is John F. Kennedy. "They dyed me black!" He's the ultimate conspiracy theorist, showing Sebastian the scar on the back of his neck where he was shot (losing a chunk of his brain to boot).

The two must fight side-by-side when an ancient evil (a descendant of the Egyptian pharaoh Amen Ho-tep, affectionately referred to as Bubba Ho-tep) who has decided to take up residence in this particular East Texas rest home.

Just happens after discovering some hieroglyphics recently scratched into the home's walls, JFK refers to his "book of souls" in an attempt to seek a way to defeat this ancient evil.

"Bubba Ho-tep" is wildly entertaining. It's one of the most beautiful meshings of horror and comedy I've ever seen. It's obviously reminiscent of Campbell's cult hits "Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness" and also reminds me of the cult films "House" and "House 2."

Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis have a wonderfully unexpected chemistry in this flick, completely fooling me into believing their cinematic identities. Campbell plays the part of an old, decrepit and defeated Elvis perfectly. Complete with erectile dysfunction and graying sideburns, Campbell's Elvis is worthy of praise.

Overall, the budget is extremely low and there isn't anything too 'special' about the visual effects in this flick - but who cares? That's the point - to make the story as engaging and imaginative as possible without cluttering the senses with computer-animated effects.

"Bubba Ho-tep" is for fans of cult horror with a sense of humor and receives my full recommendation. It's not for everyone - but if you can dig Elvis and JFK fighting a soul-sucking mummy - then by all means baby, dig it.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
Reviewed by: adam
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Nick said...
I loved this movie. I actually own it on DVD (with the special Elvis shirt box sleeve). It's just so quirky. And I love Bruce Campbell. Have you seen his short-lived TV series called Jack of All Trades? One of my bosses let me borrow it and it was pure addiction. Every episode was pure comical cheese that you couldn't help but love it.
Shea said...
Yeah I love the Bruce Cambell and I love Bruce Cambell as Elvis. The concept was great but I thought some of the follow throughs were week. Still....