Ahhhhhhh, Constantine. This was one of my more anticipated movies of the year. If you don't know me I have a certain fascination with the things unseen that this movie appealed to.

The movie itself was good, I'm not going to lie. Being a believer I have taken my lashings from the average Christian community in which I reside. But I took my verbal wariness with a smile knowing that I would see something entirely different. I just hope this review helps you see it the way I did.

The thing that I like about this movie the most was the inner struggle of John Constantine(Keanu). His smug remarks with a cig on his lips carried the air of a Neo Eastwood. His struggle is rooted deep in the inner turmoil that many "Christians" face. The bald spot is his faith. He knows God exists. He sees it around him every day. Hell(no pun intended), he slays demons by the legions. But what he doesn't get is that it is not what you do but what you believe in. The angel Gabriel gently quotes into his ear that even the demons know God...But they tremble. The resolve that John must make by the end of the movie is that he must trust God, believe, and learn the value of self sacrifice. Now if this was the plot in whole I would have loved this movie. But pasted on top is the Hollywood version of how we supposedly do battle with our evil foes. Silver crosses, holy water, the whole bunch. I am not gone to lie and say that I am not somewhat fascinated by the many exorcisms and demon slaying action scenes. I understand their purpose in a mainstream big budget Hollywood movie. But.....It loses its whole film noir approach which I personally love.

I think it's a thin line whether you will like this movie or not. Personally I believe it will depend on your faith, your own inner struggles and your convictions. For people like me I recommend it. But for those of you not like meI ask you to see it as I did. View it at its base. It is the story of a man seeking out the true nature of God as we all are. I am just jealous I don't get to slay demons the way he does.

Reviewed by: shea