Ring 2, The
once you've seen the ring.......

The first time I saw "The Ring" I was with a friend of mine and we just happened to walk in to the theater on opening day not knowing anything about the movie. Needless to say we we shocked and a bit freaked out. It became a trend for us to walk into scary movies not knowing anything about them trying to scare ourselves. But none surpassed that opening day of "The Ring". The only thing that might have even came close would have been "the Texas Chainsaw massacre" remake.

My theory on horror movies is the same as it is with comedies. Whether the movie scares you or not all depends on the environment you are watching it in and who is with you. With comedies it is the same except obviously involving humor.

Well me and my good buddy Ash decided to experience the sequel, "The Ring 2" in the same way we did the first one. Since I work at a theater I usually sneak in on my breaks and watch the movies or at least pieces of them. But I even restrained myself in order to keep the movie as much of a surprise as possible.

Well frankly the movie sucked. I wasn't scared at any point of the movie. It seems that the freaked out ghost girls have been a bit overdone and I have become numb to their freaked out nature. There was one scene that I saw in the trailer involving a bunch of possessed deer approaching our heroes cars. But ultimately they were CGI fakes and the whole scene seemed fake and out of place. I will admit that it was well done CGI but I could still tell they were fake. I have the feeling that in 10 years they will look horrible.
The only redeeming factor in the movie was the end. I really liked how they stop the ghost. Very creative and suprisingly satisfying.

If you like the first one I recommend not ruining the franchise for yourself. If you haven't seen the first one then definitely don't see the second one. Sometimes sequels just ruin all the fun.
Reviewed by: shea