I HEART Huckabees
I heart the idea.

On my recent safari to the economically struggling local rental store, "I Heart Huckabees" was my choice of rentals.

With the catchy music, enticing trailer, and witty humor the film is very similar to that of a Wes Anderson movie (Rushmore, Life Aquatic....., ect.) Being a fan of that sort of humor their was something that kept me smiling and glued to the screen. But now that I have watched it I really cannot describe what it was that I actually liked about it. I guess it was just its......well I don't know.

I am definitely not going to recommend it and I am probably not going to watch it again. My roommate definitely fell asleep during it but that itself says something about the movie that isn't all together bad. If he hates it he will just leave, if he hates it but is intrigued he will watch it but make noises and comments, if he really doesn't care but has nothing better to do he will come in and out of the room. But he did neither of these. He simply fell asleep. Hmmmm. To top it off he came back while I was gone and picked up near the end. He did not rewind it to see what he had missed. He simply watched the last 20 minutes. Very curious. So with all of this said I am realizing that my movie review has become a psychology study on my roommates movie habits.

So in finalizing my review I have concluded two things about "I Heart Huckabees". Because it is easier to review my roommates movie watching habits this movie is obviously very unusual. Despite the witty dialog, strong cast, and quirky moments the movie will be a waste of your time if you are not into this sort of comedy and humor.

PS. Mark Whalburg was my favorite character.

PPS. Do not tell my roommate I have published his movie watching habits (cough....JamescoughCoxon..cough..AmandacoughCooper...cough)
Reviewed by: shea