Excorcism of Emily Rose, The

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.......hmmmm. Yes it was indeed a great movie. This is a very relative statement as you already know. Since working my final weekend with Emily in the theater I have been able to observe people's post reactions before I ever saw it. Many people walked out laughing and saying what a stupid movie it was, many leave scared and disturbed, many leave unaffected, BUT just as many leave with a tingling in their spine that made them second guess everything they say they don't believe.

I watched it last night in Roanoke. I had unfortunately already stuck my head in a couple days before and caught several of the scenes while on the clock. It fed my already overbearing intrigue and I knew I had to see it.

The movie is not a horror movie. It does not glorify Satan and his peoples and it does not glorigy the exorcism itself. The story is about the trial of Father Moore and trying to prove something spiritual in a court of law. Not to down the exorcism in any way because it was amazingly realistic (in my opinion) and very very creepy. The actor actually put herself into all those weird positions and the voices you hear come out of her are all her voices. No CG was involved. Crazy stuff.

I loved the movie and had no qualms with the it. I thought it was great and I would not have changed a thing. It is based on a true story that many older people I have talked to remember.

I am careful to recommend it mainly because I am the guy who liked Constantine. It does have some crazy scenes that make you eat your popcorn just a little faster and sleep a little lighter. But as I said before it is not a horror a movie. It is the reality of the situation that gets you. The reality of it all. What does exist behind the eyes of the ones you know?

Reviewed by: shea