Lord of War
So last night I fed my urge of movie addiction with Nick Cage's, "The Lord of War". It was very stimulating visually with great acting and a good story.

The structure reminded me a lot of " Goodfellas" in almost every way. It is the rise and fall of a man who goes in too deep, finds success in the deadly business of arms dealing until taking the final plunge into the sea of you should have known it was coming.

Although the trailer markets it using Cage's witty humor and expected acting technique. I personally thought I was in for a dark comedy. In reality it is rather dark but ultimately serious. Although some of Cage's situations are humorous and how he evades them even more entertaining this movie is ultimately a crime drama.

My favorite part is the opening credits sequence. Although almost identical to that of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory i find this one ten times more entertaining, intriguing, and enticing. Maybe its the violence.

While definetly not a great movie "The Lord of War" kept my attention the entire two hours with good acting, great cinematic situations, disturbing drama, and cool visuals only to be let down by a dud of an ending. But I don't hold that against the film because in the words of the persuasive Todd Buehrig......"that ending was more realistic". Maybe so......but I wanted the big depressing dramatic death. But I guess thats just me...and maybe thats ok too.
Reviewed by: shea
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Chris said...
A great look at the world of illegal arms deals. Cage pulls off a great performance. Good bit of action and an even more enjoyable story with a perspective from the inside.

3.5 stars