Layer Cake

Last night after enjoying a feast of wings, nachos, and some special sauce we decided it was high time we watch a movie. Layer Cake was a selection that James had not seen and I had recommended. My mother had watched 4 chick flicks in the past two days so the TV was overdue for it's cleansing.

I think I might have briefly reviewed this movie before I left for Maine. But after seeing it I feel obligated to inform my "many" readers that this is a must see.

The movie is nonstop visual eye candy. Every scene is unique in its composition and camera style (pause to take a sip of my chi tea). 

The acting is great. Daniel Craig who is rumored to be the next James Bond plays the role perfectly.

The story is structured like many of the other British crime stories(Lock Stock and Snatch) In point of fact. The director is the very same producer who did those beloved Guy Richie films.

I am telling you this is a must see. I only wish the director would have done X3 as originally planned.

Reviewed by: shea