Into the Blue

I've had root canals that were easier than getting Paul to go see this movie with me.

The trailer looked exciting and action packed. I know the signs were there for a horrible movie but I had to check it out anyway.

Jessica Alba redeemed herself for the most part acting wise...well maybe not, but Paul walker was as Paul Metzger describes him, "a spastic frat boy over reacting to everything"(you should ask him to act it out). Everyone else fell in behind.

Visually the movie was pretty. A lot of beautiful underwater shots rich with color and cool camera movements, sharks everywhere, plenty of fast boats, and cool gadgets.

The plot was very slow for the first 2/3 of the movie but when it did pick up at the end it was actually getting pretty good. But not good enough to redeem the first hour and half. Not a total waste of time but I don't think I would even rent it if I could go back.

Another example of a deceiving, lying, no good trailer.

Reviewed by: shea