It has only been recently that I have enjoyed or even seen a good raunchy comedy. Usually I never laugh or even bother to see them. But this new breed of actors and comedies has caught my attention. This movie has probably been one of my favorites. To tell you the truth it wasn't the funniest, the best acted, or the most well done. It just hit me on a personal level. It's about a group of people who have dreams in life, don't know how to get there, and are "waiting" tables in between.

The adventures and games they play aren't too different then the ones I played or created at Regal. The people in the movie were not so far fetched or unbelievable that it becomes hard to relate. Many of the situations in the movie are very familiar to me or from stories I have heard from my friends.

So I guess the movie just hit me on a believable personal level. Ryan Reynolds did a great job leading the cast along. Come to think of it there were about 20 pretty funny supporting roles that filled the restaurant. I think it's only downfall was possibly some of the directing. But overall a great funny movie.

PS. Don't be misled by my reveiw. It is a dirty dirty movie. So those of you with a week stomach or taintable morals avoid. But those of you who have a construction workers sense of humor or appreciate the reality of the situation these characters are in...sit back and enjoy. Heck it's worth 8 bucks.
Reviewed by: shea