To say the least I thought Serenity was going to be one of the worst movies of the year. In my humble opinion I thought the trailer looked awful. A bunch of my friends were excited about it but they are the ones who think Magyver is hot and Stargate rules the world(while pushing my glasses up my nose with my index finger). So I guess I need to make a public apology. I actually enjoyed the movie. Maybe because I saw it for free, maybe because it was really late at night, or maybe it was because I watched it with fellow graphic novel geek Jenny V. Whatever the case may be I thought it was a decent movie. I mean don't get me wrong. It had flaws and by the handfuls. Let me name a few.

As my buddy Josh pointed out...every planet looked like southern California. Out of the characters on the ship, half were boring, stupid, and bad actors. The captain, the kungfu girl, the hot headed trigger happy, and the redheaded pilot were the best and to the Captain I tip my hat. He carried the Han Solo type character very well and kept me in the movie for its entirety.

The action was surprisingly decent. Even a little harsher than I expected. The SFX were a plus. Oh...I almost forgot. Space Zombies. That is probably why I liked it. Being Shea of the Dead I had to like the space zombies. It even had the zombie ending...cornered with only two mags of ammo left...the zombies are breaking down the door... I tell the girl next to me how much I love her while slamming the first of my last clips into the chamber...I turn on my A game and prepare for my honorable death. Send in Shawn of the Dead baby.

A enjoyable movie especially if you have low expectations, and I had those. So here is my public apology to all yee geeks and game lovers. I kiss the ground before yee feet and say once again...forgive me, I judged yo movie wrong before I ever gave it a chance
Reviewed by: shea