I was really excited about this movie from the get go. Tony Scott has made some really cool movies in his career such as "True Romance", "Man on Fire", "Beat the Devil", and my least fav "Top Gun".

The characters in Domino were awesome. I loved the three angels Domino, Ed, and Choco. Mickey Rourke with a great follow up to Sin City, Keira Knightly continuing her rise to beat Uma out as the next bad girl action star, and Choco my personal favorite with his shaggy hair and beard...the quiet deadly type and lacing up everything I would have wanted to be. Christopher Walkin had a great short comedic role, 9o210 boys making me hate them even more and last but no least did I mention I wanted to be Choco.

Anyway...with that said I didn't much like the way it was filmed. It was with the same technique he used in "Beat the Devil" and "Man on Fire" except in hyper drive. There wasnt a single scene where the camera was calm, quiet, and observing. It was a sensory overload which made it hard for me to forget I was watching a movie.

The thing I do respect is how old timer Scott has evolved from the steadi-cam "True Romance" and classic "Top Gun" to a more crazy alternative style that most likely fits our generation.
The story was good yet unoriginal. I mean it isnt a story that's been told but it is not a story that blew me out of the water. Hard to explain but it just didn't feel fresh. I guess from the writer of Donnie Darko I expected something more out there. But honestly the story wasn't an issue I am just getting picky.

Just to get back to the director Tony. I think there is a cool thing going on with him and his brother. They are both massive movie makers but they are so different. You got Ridley with epics like Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Aliens, Bonnie and Clyde while little brother makes movies that are totally and absolutely different in style and story. The Cohen(however u spell it) brothers make different movies but you cant tell a difference in their style at all. They seem almost the same.

Back to Domino. I really really liked the Skyneedle scene at the end. That was my favorite scene. It had the great "True Romance" ending.
So tie it all up. Not a bad movie. I think it could have been a lot better with a more patiently visual director. Great cast, great concepts, great ideas. I want to be a bounty Hunter. My name is Shea Sizemore...I am a bounty hunter.
Reviewed by: shea