Having been a child of the Doom video game era I was greatly disappointed when I heard rumors of them completely throwing out the plot and sticking to one quite similar to the "in my opinion" sucky Resident Evil movies. Eventually I got over it and decided, much like I did with AVP, that I was going to enjoy this movie for the simple fact that it is DOOM.

The movie is not as near as bad as you would think. It is actually quite serious and the cheeze factor is on an all time low for a video game movie. Some of the soundtrack sucked towards the beginning. It kinda reminded me of something Uwe Bole would do.

The action was ok and rather gory. But I am glad it broke out of the current PG-13 trend. The Rock wasn't bad for a wrestler/actor and Karl Urban was probably the man(but not as cool as he was in Bourne Supremacy).

This movie had several really really cool scenes and a lot of wanna be cool scenes. The best way to describe the movie is Aliens(2) meets Resident Evil. At the end when Karl goes crazy and the camera switches to First person is freaking awesome. That part almost made the movie for me. I will definitely rent to movie just to watch that scene again before all the new movie start doing it. But over all the movie was just a little better than your average game to film adaptation...sucky plot, poor acting, cliched bad guys, and one or two really good scenes hat help the franchise make a sequel that will inevitably flop.
Reviewed by: shea