Saw 2
I will admit that for a sequel this movie stood very well. The story tied in nicely where the first one left off and even showed you what happened to the characters in the first one.

All in all I liked the first one better not because it was made better or that it is even a good movie at all but when comparing apples and apples I liked the twist in the first one a lot more. Saw 2 had twists but to me they were nowhere up to par with its predecessor. 

The acting in this one was a lot better than the first. Donnie Wahlberg was a great character and I've always enjoyed the feel he carries with him on screen. I definitely like him better than his brother, Marky Mark. He seems to be more calm, collected, and even more sad.

There were a couple of good cringe moments in this movie. The worst was the pit of hypodermic needles that a girls gets thrown into. I wanted to crawl into Chad's lap and sing sweet lullabys. The rest of the gore is nothing too terribly unusual or devastating.

Getting back to characters I thought that the guy who played Jigsaw did pretty well and created a convincing serial killer that probably won't be forgotten by our generation.

Now to compare it to oranges I would have to say that the movie is not all that. After the first one I had the desire to see it again where as this one I am probably set for life.

People are indeed raving about it so I don't want to detour you from supporting your local Regal, but... if you just want to know the twists give me call. Save yourself the time and the money...besides I will create a more creepy and disturbing image in your head telling you about the movie than you actually watching it.
Reviewed by: shea