Sam Mendes has done some very good and beautiful movies...Road to Perdition, American Beauty, and now Jarhead which is no different.

The movies direction and camera work is awesome.

Jake G., Jamie Fox, and Peter Sarsgraad(however you spell it) are all amazing actors in this film as well. So technically this movie was great.

Story wise the movie held my attention but I could see how many people will be bored or frustrated with the fact that there is no battle, no casualty of war, or not even one skirmish with an enemy soldier. Instead these soldiers battle boredom, worth, and their own sexual immorality. 

I appreciated how the story gave you a glimpse of what modern warfare might be like for a modern day warrior. It tells and shows how war has been put into hyper drive with planes, missiles, ICBMs, and little red buttons that once pushed do all the killing. 

I find it funny that when watching this movie the only people who I was angry at were the three military jerks sitting in front of me. With all the discipline, self control, and respect these young men obtain through extensive training and sacrifice they sure couldn't shut up during the movie. ooo rah.

Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
Having been in the military this movie was disturbing. I just don't understand how young men and women watch this an enlist the next day... Yet it must be a good depiction of a marine since they all seem to love it... go figure
Chris said...
My favorite non-violent military film ever. This is what Thin Red Line should have been.