So just to put my disclaimer out for all of you who might hate this movie...I knew nothing about all. So I have come to the conclusion that no expectation makes movies go down a bit easier.

SO. I liked it. The movie started out as a chic flic in my opinion. I was thinking "great, I am sitting in between to big boys in a chic flic. But almost immediately the movie takes a left turn with a very disturbing and unsettling scene. From then on out the movie is about a decent guy who made one bad choice and how it affects everything and everyone around him. 2/3 of the way through the "big plot twist" happens which my buddy Chad found very predictable and called it before the trailers even started... and I tend to agree. Regardless, the rest of the movie follows our tragic hero to the climatic ending and how he ends up alive, free from the evil one, yet in prison.

I think Clive Owen is great...I love him in Sin City, his BMW films, as well as his acting in Closer. This role demises him no less. Jennifer Aniston is about what you expect. She actually is not a central character in the movie at all. Just a hook.

I think the movie is worth watching on rental.

Reviewed by: shea