Lords of Dogtown

This wasn't a bad movie by any means. It had a real cool gritty feel to the filming and some really cool shot techniques.

It's problems lie with the characters. The acting wasn't that great and when you put bad actors and bad dialog in a blender you get a degree of Pepe Lopes that leaves your stomach churning scene after scene.

Heath Ledger in my opinion did a decent job. I thought his constant state of drunken stupors were getting a little old but when he was sober and acting he did well. For some reason he kept reminding me of Val Kilmer.

My favorite scenes are found at the end of the movie. The last scene with Heath in the "now not his" surf shop was great as well as the final scene with the three "z boys" and there now cancer rotting friend. Very touching.

This movie did want me to quit my job and be a skater for the rest of my life which reminds me of how the actors skated themselves. I guess that is why the acting sucked.

Come to think of it for this movie to really work you would have to sacrifice bad acting for good skating. So there you go.

Not a bad movie overall but with all the flaws you would expect. So go out and by some Vans(shoes for those of you...), put on your baggy pants, strap on your favorite revealing boxers, and kick wheel on down to your local B-Buster bc I am sure their is a whole community of people who are gonna dig this movie...YEAH DUDE!

Reviewed by: shea