Walk the Line

The first time I ever met Johnny Cash was in Okeechobee Florida god knows when. I dont remember how old I was but I remember my G-Daddy tapping his foot in his white armed chair and bouncing the remote with his left hand agaisnt the leather arm rest. I remember Johnny playing in front of thousands of people while Billy Graham smiling and clapping back stage. That was the first experience of many. My whole childhood is littered with litte JR footnotes, most recently the award winning music video "Hurt" and the intro to "Dawn of the Dead".
Bringing it back to "Walk the Line". This was definetly my favourite musical bipoic. "The Doors" and "Ray" in my opinion dont hold a candle. I felt that Pheonix did the best job possible from any actor out there except for maybe Michael Madson as an older Johnny. Against recent opinions I thought ol Reese did an excellent job. I fell in love with June Carter the first time she came on stage. Come to find out that both of these actors were personally picked the couple themselves before they died.(imdb.com in the trivia section) Camera wise there wasn't anything fancy or special except that it told the story well. I thought the kid that played little JR was perfect. The only thing that I would have done different in the entire movie might have been the scene where is brother dies. I would have looked at it a little different I think. So to put it all together it was a great biopic of an American Legend. It wasn't just the music that made Johnny Cash the man he is but the man himself. I think alot of people I know could relate to the man in black.

Reviewed by: shea