Aeon Flux

I compare my viewing experience of Aeon to that of Serenity. Once again I had the worst expectations possible before ever resting into my theater cushion. In all reality after watching wasn't half bad... I mean it is still bad but just not as bad as i expected.

I'm not a big fan of Charleze "the monster" Theron and her role in this movie was not in the least bit redeeming.

The action was lame as well as the set design. The story is probably what saved the film from cinematic self destruction. I assumed it would be a "far out" implausible screenplay but was actually the driving force of my attention.

Some other note worthy moments was a girl with hands for feet, a sniper shoot out, and a redeeming very last scene (not the crashing of the egg ship).

As in every sci fi movie it had the neat creative gadgets, guns, and tools that our society is slowly working towards.

To sum it up it "Flux"wasn't a total loss, especially sense it was free(nod to the Regal vets)and in good company. Just keep you expectations on empty and you will appreciate the few things it has to offer. I just can't help but think that the movie would've been ten times better if animated like it's MTV source material.

Reviewed by: shea