Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The

The first time I learbed of the series was in second grade when Mr. Woods read it to the class. From then on I have traveled to Narnia time and time again. So to see that the movie was to be made I became excited...yet sad. To see something that lived only in your head and now come to life from someone else's can make or break it for ya(especially if it is Disney's imagination) 

The movie definitely wasn't flawless but it hit me on a level that not many movies do and I doubt that it will happen when watching this one again. But for those two and a half hours so many things from my childhood and so many things from my aspiring adulthood were squeezed and pressed until I thought I might cry. It is hard to explain and I don't expect you to understand. Anyway...enough of the unimportant and on to the meat.

The highlights were definitely the success and believability of the creatures(especially the fauns, centaurs, menataurs, ect.), a great battle scene, good children actors, and ultimately a true to the original source movie. Some of the negatives would be that the world of Narnia was not as believable as the world of Middle Earth, the score was not as strong, and there was not an X-Men three trailer at the beginning.

If you are not a fan of the series I don't expect you to think so highly and I am sure your brutal viewing will find flaws and holes that turn the movie to swiss cheese. But as for me...I can't bare to consider any spawn of Lewis to be nothing less than worth while.

Reviewed by: shea