This movie excelled in every single way save one. The story was excellent, George, Matt Damon, William Hurt, Chris Cooper, ect all were amazing, the cinematography was good, the torture scene and ending were very very climatic.

The film was in the same vein as the likes of "Traffic" with style and story telling. To me Matt Damon and Clooney have just performed some of their best acting yet. Great stuff.

The only flaw is that its not my favorite subject...racism and politics. It gets under your skin. Brings you to a reality that lies outside the mighty walls of Blacksburg, C-Burg, and Radford. Sometimes life sucks and watching sucky life doesn't make it any better.

Great movie, highly recommended, Oscar certain. WARNING: DO not attend or observe movie with someone who can't sit still or follow movies well. Don't let them ruin it for you. Over n out.

Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
The key to enjoying this movie for the average movie goer is a thin slice of interest in international politics. This is a small window on the crap that goes on beyond the scenes and I just couldn't away
Shea said...
couldnt agree more...patience is a virtue with this film. Clooney was amazing.