King Kong

The beginning of the movie I am not going to lie, I had my doubts. It felt a little forced and a little rough. The establishing of NY City was cool but there was something off beat with the characters. Once everyone got aboard the boat things started falling into place. The acting picked up, the intrigue, the story, and above all else the SFX. Once on the island it got insane. The possessed injuns, the crazy crazy creatures, insane Speilburg eat my shorts dinosaurs, and the incredibly done Kong himself.

One of the craziest scenes involved a man(Andy Serkis in human form) getting eatin alive by a pile of rather large leaches. It was INSANE.

Once in NY the visual spectacles didn't stop. But there is something beyond the effects and crazy creatures. There actually was a good story. I actually felt for Kong and the forbidden love of a human woman. Maybe I am just getting soft because this is the second movie in a row where I have felt something, I need to hook up with my buddy Josh, aka meetlikeeatbrain, and watch a zombie movie...or something.

Many people and critics are complaining about Jack Black and the length of the film. I thought Jack Black did fine. No complaints there.

As for the length I was ok with it but I could see what they mean. He could have probably shaved an hour off(the ice skating scene would have been nice)but from what I have heard this movie was his baby. The old King Kong is what influenced him to make movies from the beginning. It is always hard to cut scenes so...Peter I will sacrifice an extra hour of my life for you buddy.

Great movie, visual eye candy all the I guess the real test is can it stand time. Will it be as great in 10 years. Stay tuned till then. In the meanwhile catch this great holiday flic. Highly entertaining which is what this kind of film is supposed to be.

PS. If you make any comments on the Naomi Watts relationship with Kong you are just jealous bc hot girls like that always fall for the big guerrillas instead of wee wee boys like us.

Reviewed by: shea