Grizzly Man

So after getting a stack of gift cards 6 inches thick this Christmas I decided to lighten the load. I went to Blockbuster and did a little splurge buy and got "Grizzly Man". 

It is a crazy and amazing story. This guy was insane...not because he spent at least 6 summers with massive bears but just everything about him. The way he acted, the way he talked, the way he did everything was simply insane. I dont think the guy could have survived in the real industrial world. 

It was real easy for me to take light of the movie and poke my fun at certain parts but by the time I was driving home the reality of the situation hit me. About who this guy really was and the tragedy of his death. The guy was almost living for the moment when these bears would kill him. He talks about it through the whole story. It got to be on a weird level.

I recommend it, I am sure you will be hearing more about it come Oscar season. I didn't much like the interviews with the girlfriends and close friends. I felt like they were putting on a little for the camera. But who am I to say. I guess I just didn't like their interviews and felt like I was being pulled out of the real story at hand. Some amazing footage, gut wrenching stories, heart warming foxes, and look at someone who has more vision and gonads than me. Even at the point of death.

Reviewed by: shea