Having met and worked a little with Jeff Wadlow(director) I felt obligated and somewhat excited about seeing the expected teen slasher. I had learned a lot from Wadlow at the Virginia Film Festival and wanted to see some of his work to learn from and see if lives up to name around the UVA scene.

I thought the writing of the movie was great. It was a very intricate story weaving in and out of all sorts of possible outcomes. I thought several of the actors were great and One of the teachers looked like Jon Bon Jovie...heck maybe it was him. I was afraid the movie was going to be cliched but actually it wasn't except for the parts that were supposed to be.

I am not a big fan of the genre and if you arent either I don't think this one will revive it for you. But if you are into these types of movies then this one is definitely one to check out.

Very well put together and thought out. If your a fan of the genre be my guest. Oh and Wadlow does know what he is talking about...he is indeed the man.

Reviewed by: shea