This movie was awesome. Speilburg got bumped back up a couple on the Shea charts.

The movie is based on a piece of history that I honestly didn't know anything about. So going into the movie was a fresh look at an insane period in time.

The acting was excellent. Eric Bana did great and redeemed himself from the Hulk.

 Daniel Craig is definitely climbing the Shea favorite actors(unless he screws over in the new Bond;no pun intended), and all the unknowns were excellent.

Ahhh...Mannie from "Run Lola Run" was even in the movie.
The action and fighting was top notch in suspense, effects, cinematography, blood, and just plain grittiness. I was on the edge of my seat sucked into the moment.

The movie is on the same vein as Private Ryan and Schindler's List in the Speilburg production market and value.

It's only flaw "for some" might be it's length. It pushed the 2 and a half hour mark. But believe's well worth it.
Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
A classic Spielberg movie with great intensity. You might want to brush up on your middle eastern hatred history before the beginning of the movie as they twist requires you to be clear on who hates who
Shea said...
Totally agree...the sex/war montage is my only complaint. You know the one...
Andy said...
I re-watched this over the weekend. I had forgotten how good it is. Maybe it's the tight pants and shaggy hair, but the feel of the movie fits so perfectly into the period. I really liked the score, but Spielberg also did a great job knowing when to not use any music. One of my favorite scenes is when Avner goes to visit the family he is paying to find the palestenians. The interaction between Avner and the father is great. And also when they go kill the Dutch seductress assassin. Staggering around with bullet holes...hugging the cat....collapsing in the chair...gurgling blood out of a neck wound. Overall, Munich is tight and the tension and stakes build with each terrorist that gets taken out. But I do agree about the sex/flashback to the athletes getting murdered scene...