New World, The

So after my failed and miserable attempt of attending this movies premiere a little hairy angel in a fishing raft dropped down from heaven and offered me a second chance. But this time no cast and crew...just a private screening with the ex Gov.'s wife and some delegates. Once again I under dressed and once again my date balanced me out. It was a fun trip especially when we ate dinner at an exciting Mexican restaurant called Moe's. Moe has been with me all night and have the feeling all day. 

NOW...on to the movie. If you have ever seen "Thin Red Line" you will find that this movie is structured the exact same way except now in Jamestown. It is a very very slow paced steady movie that lasts about 3 hours. Not for the fast at heart that is fo sho. But all the same it is a beautifully well done piece of film.

Excellent acting, great cinematography, and a great story. The fighting and action that was there was well done and intense. The actress who played Pocahontas was awesome as well as all the other Indians who were incredible as well.

When the men of Jamestown begin starving their first winter in VA the movie takes a turn for the intense and uncomfortable which contrasted nicely with the spring and summer love scenes of most of the movie. Also a great contrast between the Americas and England. As Paul pointed out when John Smith is captured by the Indians there is a very similiar resemblance to "The Last Samurai".

So to bring it all together for those of you who skip the crap and read the end. Beautiful and well done. Long and slow. Paul described it as almost a visual poem instead of a mainstream movie. The external dialog is little. A lot of voice over internal stuff which brings me to the excellent music which it had.

Good movie but "you" probably won't like it.

Reviewed by: shea