Glory Road
I usually don't get too excited about too many sports movies. To me they are all about the same. Don't get me wrong though I loved "Friday Night Lights" and "The Sandlot" but these are the exceptions. I probably wouldn't have seen this one, but under extreme circumstances when you have to see something and it's between extremely gory or cheesy sports. I went with cheesy sports. Gory movies are for the guys nights when you are with the right people and the right mood.

Glory Road was as expected. They never show a missed shot, they are always down and come back, the musical sports traveling through the season montage, and the heart warming pregame/halftime speeches. Although cliched and a little forced I thought the movie had heart. And sometimes that is all you need.
Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
As far as basketball movies go this is a keeper. The end is just a big downer, then again you can't really change the end of a true story.
Shea said...
Paul...remember watching this one. It was a bandage for a broken heart. Too bad it wasnt Jack Ass 2 or a flam.