Hustle and Flow

This is probably one of the hardest reviews I have had to do. I had seen maybe one trailer on the movie that I liked and perked my ears. As a result I began reading numerous reviews about how great the movie was.

Hustle and Flow covers some crazy situations that made you hate the guy that was just inspiring you 5 minutes ago. In many instances it was inspiring...the rise from the scum of Memphis society to just barely getting the taste of a dream coming true. I appreciated that about the movie. The fact that it wasn't focused on the rise and fall but just the rise...the long hard bloody rise. And it was definetly bloody. Not with the blood of flesh and bone but with the blood of sacrificing things people shouldn't give up or be willing for others to give up. 

The movie was well written and well put together. Great acting and beautifully gritty. I in return was bobbing my head and talking like homie G after the shizow. It put another notch up for my least favorite musical genre(not to say I dont like it...just my least fave).

Good movie, hard subjects, and laughably inspiring rhymes. So get your pimpin hand up, wear your bling bling, sit back and catch this rapper flic that busts a cap in 8 my opinion.

Reviewed by: shea