Perhaps one of the most overrated movies of all Shea time. I mean the build up was unbelievable. The most intense part of the movie was actually getting up enough nerve to go see it.

The opening credits scene was good. It still had my attention. Then for the next hour I watched another college kid conquer the world, slay the women and smoke the weed movie of the year. Bahhhh. You know how that rolls. Even when you actually do get to the stuff you so dreaded and desired to see Eli Roth lets you down. Oh well. It's for the best I assume.

I just felt like this guy had a gold mine of source material and story concept that he could have turned it into a cinematic icon. I mean really. I pretty original story that is dropped on the pass with poor directing, sucky rave scenes, and too many udders. I think he went for the box office gold(blood, guts, and boobs) instead of the good movie diamond.

Anyway. I dont mean to judge my brotha Eli Roth but hey...I was expecting something high and crazy and got a cut away from the scene, poor acted, overrated college kid box office maker slasher. As I said before. It is probably for the best. A movie that could have been made with this concept should have never been made...and it remains to be made only to now be a cliche.

Reviewed by: shea