So, yet another movie that I really cared less about prewatching and didn't even consider it on the ole "I want to see list". 

In the same vein as a watered down "Shrek" and Ice Age, the movie had some good surprises.
The story structure and style is borrowed form the ancient infamous Akira Kirowsowa and his masterpiece "Rashamon" and the latter "Run Lola Run". To put it bluntly it is the same story told from three different angles and in Hoodwinked it is done beautifully and flawlessly. It's a fun little movie with plenty of smirks and a couple good laughs for the soft hearted and for you that got drug into the theater you will at least leave with a smile.

Although the animation wasn't up to par with million dollar budgeted "Shreks" and "Toy Story" it accomplished its purpose. It told the story that need to be told and the filmmakers used the creative ideas and styles and mixed it all up into this sharp little independent release. I think there were actually like three directors on the film. Three brains are better than one.

The only thing that kinda freaked me out was that some of the close ups of Little Red Riding Hood looked like a living lifeless moving doll. Those big lifeless eyes with a moving body...dear god the little doll is talking...its moving...oh thank goodness a cutaway!

Fun movie, very well done, lots of laughs, lovable characters, and a great little story...

Reviewed by: shea