Fire in the Sky

I heard about this movie from a friend who was about to get his stomach violated with tubes and cameras through the mouth and down the throat. He said the operation he was about to go through was like one a character in "Fire in the Sky" went through except given by aliens(and believe me a lot worse)instead of doctors. Needless to say I became curious. A Sci-Fi drama involving alien abduction and torture from a group of honest loggers who even took lie detector tests to validate.? I had to see it.

The movie in whole was pretty slow and melodramatic. It tried hard to be serious and moving but fell slightly short...UNTIL. Once the best friend who was abducted miraculously returns from his kidnapping and finally his memories flood in, DANG. IT got hardcore.

The craziest most uncomfortable, gruesome alien abduction story I have personally seen. Highly recommend for the Sci-Fi junkies.

Great story, believable, ok acting, crazy cool aliens. A little forced in some spots and a little slow in middle. Good movie all the same. Not for the faint of heart. You will never go to the doc again...especially if he looks like a wormy old man. "Put that tube down"

Reviewed by: shea