End of the Spear

It was about what I expected. Some boring parts, some poor acting, and some cheese. But then there some unexpectedly good parts as well.

The first thirty minutes of the film in my opinion were horribly directed, shot, and edited. Luckily soon after things began to get intense and dramatic. It was almost as if the filmmakers began to get the hang of their movie and it slowly slid into a pretty decent film. The killing of the missionaries was intense, maybe a little more than I gave the film credit for. The end was pretty good as well. I loved the indians. I thought they were better actors than the Americans.

Over all a big step up from Left Behind series but definetly not a Passion of the Missionaries. More of a TV special. It would have made a great TV movie.
I am trying not to be harsh because I myself am a christian in the industry, but we still havent quite got it down yet. Maybe we should talk to Mel. But overall it was worth the money and was glad to support what was there to support..unlike my parents(wink)

Reviewed by: shea