Good Night and Good Luck

Great movie. Excellent performances by all actors: George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., David Strathaim, and Jeff Daniels.

A very real gritty film that took you back to the controversial period in our history. Cigarette's smoke danced through every frame of the film giving it in what I can only call, a romantic feel.
George did an excellent job directing every shot composed and placed with strategic care and movement that heightened the film even in the long monologued sequences.

What might have helped me with the films story is that I spent half the semester last year studying Ed Murrow. I had viewed and seen all the clips and footage used for the movie. Which brings me to another cool element of the film. For the character of Macarthy they didn't use an actor but the real footage. They basically created a character out of news footage. Brilliant.

Great movie, highly recommended and glad to see Clooney is getting a hat tipping at the Oscars whether he gets beat by loving cowboys or not.

Reviewed by: shea