Final Destination 3

Ugh. It makes me feel guilty but the entire time I was watching the movie I was wishing the characters would shut up and die. I know, I know but the character development was horrible. The plot was horrible. The deaths were non creative or too creative, and did I mention a movie about gruesome deaths was slow.

After the first ten minutes I had decided the movie sucked and began trying to figure out why IGN gave it such a high review.
The only death that made me halfway cringe and feel slightly uncomfortable was possibly the tanning booth girls...everything else couldn't even measure up to the excitement received from the intestine noise of my ex-roommate sitting brokeback seat next door.
I now consider this franchise like the I do the Matrix...the first has the best story, the second the best SFX, and the third is just plain dancing celluloid with no little 3 dimensional heart.

Don't see it. Even if you are a fan of the series. Just keep watching the first one and maybe the beginning of the second.

Reviewed by: shea
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Josh said...
As bad as this movie is (and it is beyond horrible) the worst part has to be Tommy Lee's cover of "Love Train" during the closing credits. It's so awful that I would literally wait for the credits to end before I'd go in the theater and clean it.