Birds, The

There have been two movies in my younger child life that I had always wanted to see partly because of the effect they had on my mother when she was younger. One was "Pyscho" and the other "The Birds".

I had seen Psycho a long time ago and loved it and tonight I finally watched The Birds. As the movie progressed I became frustrated with the slow character development and seemingly endless Mcguffin(term used for pointless Hithcock plots that set up the rest of the story but really have no point after that). I just thought Alfred was overconfident in his ability to hold an audience and honestly didn't care about any of the characters. Slowly but surely things picked up nicely and lead to a very climatic ending that I thought was awesome.

M. Night borrows alot from this movie in "Signs" especially towards the end when the family is trapped in the house and the birds are trying to get in. I am not going to lie either, I didn't think a swarm of birds could be scary but believe it or not they kinda creeped me out. That is why Hitchcock is the man...he can take something like a shower or a bird and make you give it a second thought.

In conclusion I loved the movie in its entirety. I was doubting this through the process but once absorbed, it's a classic.

Reviewed by: shea