Definitely one of the craziest movies I 've seen in a long time.

MirrorMask was brought to us by the creators of The Labyrinth and Jim Henson Company as well as written by acclaimed sci fi and graphic novelist Neil Gaimon(sp). 

The story follows a young circus performer who was born into the trade with her overbearing yet loving parents who in return actually own the circus. This is probably the first five minutes of the movie and the rest kicks into crazy gear once the main characters mother falls ill with some sort of cancer.

The rest of the movie takes place in a dream. And let me tell you it is a crazy dream.

I highly recommend this film to all you dream analysts out there. If you think the 5th element is loaded with dream symbology you guys have got to check this out.

In hindsight I really liked the movie. The people I watched it with weren't really into it but most of them hated The Labyrinth. I would suggest a try of this little film. It is a little off the deep end, but hey...most dreams are.

Great acting, great story, great special effects, and insane situations, creatures, and characters.

Reviewed by: shea