Watched this movie in two parts. From the beginning I had pretty uncaringly low expectations for a Jumanji in space. When I heard that the director, John Favreau, was going to be turning one of my favorite books of all time into a movie I had to scout the guy out...make sure there was a slim possibility that he could pull it off with my beloved John Carter series.

Well I picked it up on a dull Thursday afternoon and stuck it in the dvd player and was amazed from the beginning. I thought the relationship between the two brothers and Tim Robbins was great, I thought the acting was great, and the story was heading in the right direction. 

I had to stop the movie and go to class during the middle of a fight against a defective robot and was now about 45 minutes into the movie...the robot looked awesome. I left for class actually excited about John turning John into a movie.

Later that night I re-watched all that I watched and saw the movie on a projector with almost a muted surround sound system at a friends house. I still thought the movie was good but something happened between the first watch and the second. Maybe it was the people I was watching it with or maybe I was tired...don't get me wrong, it was still good but it just wasn't near as great. I mean I was about to go out and buy the movie after watching it the first attempt. I guess things got a little childish or things kinda went a direction in the story that was kinda too easy. Regardless it was a pretty dang good movie and there still is a glimmer of hope for the John Carter franchise.

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Shea said...
I think J. F. is an extrmemely talented director. Just not really my style. Too soft... too family oriented. I was excited when he was originally attatched to John Carter for the visual aspects but worried for a soft PG raiting.

Good... but just not for me.

Paul said...
Ironman was really good...what else is there?
Shea said...
Made.. Elf... Zathura... Ironman

wrote Swingers...
Paul said...
Didn't think you ever saw point was not what else has he done...what else is worth mentioning or discussing?
Shea said...
I liked Swingers... a lot.

Elf makes my skin crawl.

I liked Zathura until the the last 2/3.

So... I guess there really isnt much mentioning...or discussing.

WHO PUT THIS IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!!??? Adam of the Crystal Skull? Oh wait... it was me.