Man Bites Dog

I didn't want to drive all the way home after my canceled class just to drive back for dinner at Mongolia so I decided to head up to the library and rent a movie and giver it a watch. 

My random pick was this foreign mocumentary titled above. It is about a documentary crew who follows a serial killer around in order to make a hit never before done movie.

The first thirty minutes were pretty good but from there everything either went extremely raw(rape and killing kids) or extremely boring(serial killer long monologues about life, love, and liberty). Like I said, I was into it for about 30 minutes and after the first hour I began fast forwarding to where I could still read the subtitles but not watch it in its slow melodic documentary fashion.

The ending was pretty good and it might have revived the movie for me a little bit.
I did a little research after watching it and the filmmakers are actually the filmmakers acting in the movie and in real life they were trying to make a hit to set there movie careers on the right course and so they made a movie about what they probably wish they could do in real life and get away with it...they made a movie about filmmakers documenting a serial killer in who they befriend. Hey is that confusing and kinda deep.

One interesting aspect of the film was watching the downfall of the fake yet real filmmakers. A couple of the crew members die off and the rest get extremely hardened after filming murder after murder with this guy and actually participate in a couple murders in the end.

The movie didn't do much for me and to be honest I feel a bit dirty. I think I am going to take a shower.

Reviewed by: shea