Running Scared

For the most part the movie was in the same vein as a Guy Ritchie/Tony Scott film. A lot of characters, a weaving plot, and all the violence you can muster. 3/4 of the movie was the intense action/violence eye candy that the trailer promised. There were some great shots and editing techniques that I at least haven't seen in too many recent movies. Paul Walker did a little better than usual, his wife was awsome. I thought she might have been one of the better actors of the movie. The two kids in the movie were noteable but not all together standouts. 

ALTHOUGH, here is the kicker. In the two hour movie there was about 30 minutes that blew me the freak away. The movie took a drastic turn within a subplot and brought me forward in my seat, eyes wide. Let me just tell you that on the whole I don't think it had anything really anything to do with the story but my was like going to see a romantic comedy, something you are expecting to see and then all of the sudden against all that you are expecting to see on the screen everything changes and takes a dip for about 15 minutes into almost a whole other genre and a whole other type of movie...and for those thirty minutes of the movie my jaw was dropped. I know this doesn't really mean much to you now but when you see this movie and you hear the line "I think we need another ice cream cone papa bear", prepare yourself. It is crazy...everything goes...shall i say... "This Present Darkness" on you. 

SO in all the movie was pretty good. I need to probably see it again to catch all the details of the story. The camera work was awesome, the action good, acting convincing, and the twists probably not jaw dropping but still believable. I highly recommend to some and others not so much. 

I will not forget thirty minutes of this movie so easily. I might even have to rip it off one day...well the idea of it at least. You heard it straight from the horses mouth.

Reviewed by: shea