V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta tells the story of a dictatorship ruled government quite similiar to that of 1984 with its ever watching eye, big TV screens on every street, government propaganda and organizations named after body parts such as the head, the finger, ect. The story follows two characters, that of Evey Hammond and V. V is a radical terrorist/revolutionary who is person by person and building by building reminding the people that it is the government who should fear them.

I have been waiting for the movie to come out ever since I read the graphic novel a year ago. I think I have actually already written several blogs mentioning the anticipation of this film. 

To say the least I was very satisfied. It followed the book very very well concerning scene for scene concept. The acting was amazing all on fronts, the pace of the movie was fast and smooth, the direction was great, and the story and originality incomparable. I would definitely say this is a great start to the 2006 movies. The Wachowski brothers who brought us the Matrix redeemed themselves from "Revolutions" and produced a fine movie under the underrated director, James McTeigue. 

I highly recommend this movie to almost anyone.

Having read the graphic novel the only thing I wish they would kept the same was the time period. In the book it was post WWII and in the movie it is the future. Not that it was that big a factor for those who have never read the book...if a factor at all. It was the only feel that was not portrayed well to me in the movie. The feeling of reading an old newspaper.

Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
Shea I completely agree with you there... anyone should see this movie. It completely blew my expectations away! It was released in a cloud of bad rap that it really didn't deserved.. Granted I never read the comic but boy this was a winner
Shea said...
My only complaint with this film is the ending. The comics was so much better...why change it?
Nick said...
I adore this movie. I love it so much. Though I haven't read the comic, but I loved the ending, too. Great movie, I think.
Shea said...
Yeah man...this a tight well constructed movie. To explain the ending a little better I don think I will ruin anything for anyone.


In the end of the comic Portman's character takes the outfit and shows up in front of all the uncostumed people. Everyone knows that V was killed but when Portman shows up at the end...its so powerful because noone knows that it is Portman and it proves Vs point of "ideals are bullet proof" and the more than a man mentallity.

I guess having thousands of costumes delievered to the people was kinda lame...

and maybe I forgetting things in the comic...its been awhile...I trust Josh who is a Moore fan will come along and set me straight.
Nick said...
Aw... I liked the thousands of costumes thing a lot... because when the building blows up, everybody takes off their masks and it's super symbolic... especially when Portman's character gives the speech about V being 'my brother, my father, everyone, no one' etc.... and then you even see people who died earlier on in the crowd. I loved the movie ending.
Andy said...
This is one of those I like the more I think about it. I'd like to see it again. Not great in my mind yet...
Paul said...
Shea I think you put it best, "tight, well-constructed movie". From V's 'V' soliloquy at the beginning to the tragic/liberating ending, it is perfectly told and acted.

Loved, LOVED, Stephen Rea's performance as Inspector Finch, an honest, truth-seeking high-level cop working amidst the utterly dystopian 'party'.

Lets also not forget that though he could have merely done a voice over for V, Hugo Weaving brilliantly created this multi-dimensioned character with more than just his voice.

I think the Wachowski's and James McTeigue have once again created a movie with STYLE, something only a handful directors seem to be able to do effectively. As outlandish as Speed Racer is looking so far, how can it not be awesome with these guys at the helm?
I have no problem calling this a great movie, it almost made my top 50. Paul's right, it does have a immense amount of style - but what sets it apart from other movies of its kind is the amount of depth and substance in it. I think that's the Wachowski's true calling card - beautiful, mind-blowing style coupled with SUBSTANCE. Most directors can only pull off one or the other.

Speed Racer is gonna be awesome, not to mention the Star Wars trailer is attached to it!