Inside Man
Spike Lee's new joint about the perfect bank robbery so eagerly boasted by Clive Owen's character and so desperately trying to be stopped by Denzel Washington with a little Jodie Foster peppered on top. What do you appetizing idea and perked interest.

My disclaimer for all readers is that in your defense I am not exactly the biggest robbery heist movie fan.So....
Ugh. This movie started off horribly for me. I thought the music sucked, the editing dry, the camera forced...about the only thing good was the acting.

About three quarters of the way through the movie I finally got lost in the film if not for just a short amount of time. Denzel Washington did a great job acting as did Jodie Foster and Denzel's partner(the bad guy from 4 Brothers and Serenity). Clive did average...nothing standout, most of the movie he was hidden behind a sock and sun glasses.

The twist was ok. Nothing great or jaw dropping. Just another twist instead of a TWIST!!!.
I guess there were three main highlights, the diamonds amongst the rough so to speak. One was the acting. I thought the key players carried the film, especially Denzel. He was the man. Second was high shutter speed crazy camera swat teams entering buildings. Call me weird but there is something sexy about that. Third was this little 15 second blip of Clive Owen playing this kids video game...that was awesome(hard to explain so your gonna either have to see it or take my word for it)

I am inclined to say wait or see something better. It maybe a good date movie, i think it appeals across the board.
Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
One of the worst movies Dentzel Washington has made recently simply because he doesn't add much too it. It's as predictable as they come.
Shea said...
Thank you Jean...I get crucified every time I talk bad about this movie.
* (asterisk) ( said...
Great movie. Except for the whole Jodie Foster subplot. Totally unnecessary.