A meteor smashes into the earth near a small town and takes over the town leaving only three survivors to battle it out with slugs, zombies, a little something of them both.

If you know me you can already tell this is my kind of movie. The end of zee world, a couple survivors battling it out with no delusions of survival or another day.

I thought the movie was excellent. Maybe not as stylized or quirky as Shaun of the Dead but just as creative.

One of the main characters and few survivors of this sluggish blood bath was my friend and yours, the man who made "Serenity" worth watching (the captain). He plays a very similar character and is just as entertaining.

The special effects and creature designs were awesome. The story was actually very entertaining with blood, guts, and ooze everywhere. I feel they took cliched creatures and monsters and twisted them around into an original story while making fun of everything that made the others cliched.

Obviously this movie is not for everyone. But if you like Shaun of the Dead then definitely see it. If you like funny obscure gross gore, ooze, and creatures...then yes. If you hate

Deliciously Disgusting.

Reviewed by: shea