Lucky Number Slevin

A character and action driven mob movie about a guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and makes do with what he can do with what he knows and has.

The reviews I had read about this film lowered my expectations dramatically. I was even debating on avoiding this one...but only for a moment.

Josh Hartnet is one of those ladies men actors that I actually like. I loved him in Sin City and I loved him in this movie. His winning humor and quick emotional adjustments were well portrayed well in this movie. 

The other big dogs stars such as Bruce Willis, "Sir" Ben Kingsly, Morgan Freemen, and Lucy Lui were all in their groove but nothing over the top amazing. 

I am not a big fan of Ben Kingsly and this movie definitely didn't improve the taste. His ending monologue almost put me to sleep. 

The best thing about this movie was the style. Very similar to that of "Running Scared", Guy Ritchieish, and maybe "Layer Cake". The action scenes were amazing and the killing scenes rivaled those of "Munich". 

The story was good and was tied together nicely by then end with a nice fulfilling bow.

Good film, recommend it. 

One word...STYLISH!

Reviewed by: shea