Ice Age 2

The Ice Age from the first film is melting and all the animals must get to teh end of the valley where a vulture says a boat is waiting to save them. How these animals know what a boat is I don't know. 

The first movie was o but this one had a lot of things that bothered me. I hated the female mammoth who thought she was a opossum. I also for obvious reasons didn't like the opossums themselves.

I thought the slurring sloth was funny and Manny had his lovable moments.

The sexual humor was rampid but the poop jokes were funny as crap.

Squat or whatever his name is was hilarious as usual. Might have been even funnier if he wasn't the marketing engine. Half the things he did were in the trailers or teasers. In fact I think in several instances he was the trailers and teasers. The ending of him was great.

Oh and these turtle thingy dinos were freaking me out.

Some might like this fun loving little film. I wasn't impressed but had fun making fun. Just remember..."Do it for the species"

Reviewed by: shea